According to Oxford the word healing simply means “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.” And so, it is for that simple purpose we gather here, survivors and advocates alike, to learn more about the healing process. We gather to learn and share what we have learned with each other. We are here to grow together on the subject of “healing”.

Many of us are kind and compassionate people who want to heal others. We see someone hurting and we want to reach out but don’t know quite what to say or do. Perhaps we have empathy or sympathy for that person but our actions or words come across wrong, or we fear they may, so we shy away or they shy away and suddenly we’ve made the situation more awkward and worse off than it need be. Just because we want to be there for people doesn’t mean we know how. This part of our website will hopefully help you develop those tools and skills so you can reach people and communicate more effectively. 

Perhaps most importantly, however, is healing ourselves. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” You have to take care of yourself and learn to love and forgive yourself before you can help truly begin to make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s through refining our own selves that we learn the lessons we can teach others. It is only when we have learned those lessons that we may teach them. 

That’s not to say anyone has to be perfect. We all make mistakes and are constantly growing. That is to say, however, that you should make sure you are well grounded and on the right healing path before over extending yourself. Hopefullyt his site will help you learn healthy boundaries and ways to heal relationships and trust after those boundaries are crossed. 


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One of the best ways to heal from trauma and abuse is to realize you are not alone. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have felt just like you do and have been in your shoes! So, what did they do? What parts of their experiences can you learn from? Is anyone struggling with the same things you are?

The Spare the Rod Healing from Trauma & Abuse Facebook Group is a place where you can find tips and tricks on how to manage a whole host of issues. It is chalked full of advice on how to heal from your past and grow as an individual. It is a safe place where all are welcome to come and learn more about healing and share the information they found helpful with others so it can benefit them on their healing journey. 

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#SpareTheBaton is the anti-police brutality wing of our non profit. We stand in solidarity with movements like Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movement and call for an end to heavy handed tactics, system racism, the bullying and abuse that our citizens, especially citizens of the BIPOC community or those suffering from mental health or homelessness, have become accustomed to. 



This section of our site is dedicated to exposing ICE for it’s abuse of immigrant children and migrant families crossing the border. Putting politics aside we aim to expose bad actors equally and propose common sense solutions that can help us fix our broken immigration system and ensure we don’t stick thousands of innocent children in crowded cages and warehouses ever again!


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Brett Harper


Brett Harper is the founder and creator of the #SpareTheRod #SpareTheBaton Movements & Healing With Spare The Rod. He is a survivor of institutional child abuse, a writer, activist, musician, DJ, event organizer/planner, and a mental health advocate.